Dr. Shannon Hall, founder of Epic Teams

Meet Dr. Shannon Hall, Founder 


I'm a sociologist and leadership coach who helps high-growth companies cultivate the collective intelligence of their teams.  

Before founding Epic Teams, I worked in startup, corporate, and nonprofit workplaces applying behavior science to drive change.

Along the way, I noticed that even when organizations have a compelling vision, inspiring founders, and competent team members, it doesn't always equate to a high-performing team environment.

Using my background as a Sociologist of Technology and Organizations, I help companies with: 

  • internal leadership development,
  • team formation and growth, and
  • engagement and performance system upgrades.  

I use an innovative approach that's tailored for today's young companies and delivered in a rapid, cost-effective, and high-impact manner. 

The results are:  

  • Socially and emotionally intelligent leaders and teams
  • Proactive leaders who drive their own personal and professional growth
  • Balanced leaders and teams who focus on high-value activities for work and life
  • Leaders who are People Developers for continuous improvements in individual performance
  • Leaders who are Team Developers for continuous improvements in team performance 

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