Solve Problems Quickly with Laser Coaching Skills 

Let’s face it. Your people need to get more work done, in less time, and with fewer resources. Laser Coaching is the answer.


Why Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is one of the most cost-effective and impactful methods of leadership development you can impart to your managers and teams.

It is a powerful skill that builds the capacity of direct reports while increasing the bandwidth of managers.

What is Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching sessions are short, to the point, and get to the core dynamic of a situation fast. Because of this efficient style of coaching, your managers and direct reports solve problems and generate solutions in 10 minutes or less.

"I truly value the tools I now have to set goals and hold my team accountable. I am able to give better feedback to my direct reports more often, and this is helping to raise the bar across my organization." (Eval Results, Dec 2017)

1:1 meetings: Solve problems, clarify outcomes, establish commitments, and ensure accountability.


Realtime issues: Learn from mistakes, deliver tough feedback, and increase waning motivation.


The 30-Day Laser Coaching Program

The Epic Teams Laser Coaching Program is designed for today’s busy managers and teams.

The approach of the program rests on three key components - (1) practical, (2) memorable, and (3) based on the science of behavior change.  

The program includes: 

  • In-Person Onsite Training: 1/2 day in-person workshop delivered onsite to develop and practice laser coaching techniques, as well as how to log laser coaching prompts and outcomes through your performance management software
  • Follow-Up Coaching Clinics: 2 live virtual coaching clinics with Epic Teams to debrief learnings and continue coaching development
  • Peer Accountability: 30 days of follow-up practice and accountability with peers

The program is ideal for: 

  • Managers of all experience levels 
  • Functional teams (manager and team members)