Epic Leaders Experience

Do you have a strong leadership pipeline to meet future business challenges? 

We help you implement an in-house leadership development program that is tailored to the specific needs of your managers and organized around 3 core principles of high performance leadership.


#1: Own Your Growth and Performance

Epic Team Leaders plan, track, and evaluate their own career growth and performance. They also have a high sense of emotional intelligence and healthy work-life integration to flourish as human beings. 

Through goal setting exercises and self-evaluation, I have found a new level of confidence and an ability to trust my own experiences in making decisions.
— Epic Leaders Graduate

#2: Develop Your People

Epic Team Leaders develop and coach top players for high performance. They create a healthy accountability structure that results in extraordinary outcomes. 

I’ve created more structure and therefore feel more confidence in my abilities to lead my team in a way that leaves them feeling like they’re growing every day.
— Epic Leaders Graduate


#3 Coach Your Team for Results and Continuous Learning 

Epic Team Leaders motivate and guide their team towards ambitious OKRs, with the ability to diagnose team problems and successfully intervene when necessary.

I truly value the tools I now have to set goals and hold my team accountable. I am able to give better feedback to my direct reports more often, and this is helping to raise the bar across my organization.
— Epic Leaders Graduate


Who is it for?

This program is perfect for:

  • early-stage and mid-level managers who are learning to manage direct reports and teams 

  • high-potential millennials who are in decision-making roles 

  • experienced leaders who are cultivating their craft as people and team developers

How does it work?

Our approach utilizes the most effective training modalities in today’s workplace for sustained behavior change. During the course of 6 months, we provide:

A Dedicated Coach: Each leader works one-on-one with an executive coach to make performance improvements in the areas of greatest impact to self and team, as revealed through our behavioral assessments.

Group Trainings:  Each leader is paired with a group of peers for sharing and learning together as a team in onsite trainings.

Peer and Direct Report Coaching: In between group sessions, leaders coach peers and direct reports to apply their growing skills as people developers. 

Metrics-Based Evaluations:  Leaders track their growth in along specific competencies, as well as track improvements in business results that occur as a result of the training. 

Exec Summary: We keep your execs in the loop and offer additional ongoing support programs for your executive leaders. 

Why Choose Epic Teams?

  • We do it in groups. The most effective form of behavior change happens in groups.

  • We do it live and in-personThe human brain learns best with high-quality, experiential interaction. 

  • We make it personal. The most impactful development experience is highly personalized, using a variety of data sources to understand temperament, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. 

  • We are full-stack people developers. Developing the leaders of tomorrow requires more than just coaching experience. We bring real-world expertise as business leaders and social scientists to fully activate the potential of your people.  

  • We seek system-wide improvements. We are not about incremental impact at the individual level. We help you experience significant company-wide improvements by focusing on several leaders at once. 

  • We transfer skills efficiently - and enjoyablyWe believe the best trainings don't feel like trainings. Our leaders love their sessions and experience serious FOMO in the event that they have to miss one. 

  • We impart critical social tools needed to use management tech tools well. A tech platform does not solve your management problems - nor does it effectively teach management skills. That said, social skills + tech tools = rockstar leaders. 

  • We are metrics-based. As the saying goes, what gets measured gets managed. We administer pre-, mid-, and post-assessments to measure the reactions, learnings, behavior changes, and business impacts of the program.

  • We are research-based. Our content is continually evolving to distill the latest insights in human and team development, as well as to focus on the issues that matter most in today’s changing workplace. 

  • We are Bay Area-based. We love the Bay, know the Bay, and serve the Bay's most forward-thinking companies.

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