Epic Teams Experience

What if you could get more out of your teams in less time? What if your teams produced higher quality outputs with fewer roadblocks? And what if you could continuously increase the value of your people without losing them to competitors?

All of this is possible without tech and without a re-org. You do it simply through behavior change alone. 

So how does it work?


Pre-Launch: Set a North Star for Your Team

What would your team dare to accomplish if it knew it could not fail? 

  • Team Performance Planning: In the pre-launch sessions, we use a team diagnostic and focused team conversations to uncover self-sabotaging behaviors and opportunities for value creation in  productivity, collaboration and innovation. The result of these sessions are a Team Action Plan and a Personal Action Plan that establish team and personal commitments.
  • Manager Coaching: We coach the team leader on his/her own Personal Action Plan and transfer core management skills for distributed leadership, self-organizing teams, and participatory decision-making.

Launch: Generate Realtime Value with Teaming Hacks

What are the few critical behaviors that will make the biggest difference in your team's abilities to collaborate, innovate, and execute with quality and efficiency?  

  • Team Performance Sessions: Over the course of a few months, we meet with your teams to support the adoption of high performance behaviors that generate realtime value for your org.  We also impart highly effective teaming behaviors, including self-coaching, peer coaching, and collaborative problem-solving. The result of these sessions is a healthy accountability structure that keeps your people inspired and motivated to reach its ambitious goals.   
  • Manager Coaching: During this time, we continue coaching the team leader in advanced management skills for  developing people and teams for peak performance.

Retrospective: Reflect and Learn for Max Benefit

What measurable value has your team created? How has the team grown in its abilities to own its performance, engagement, and growth? 

  • Team Retrospective Session: At the end of our time together, the team reviews learnings and insights using the team diagnostic. The team develops a subsequent Team Action Plan for the next specified time period.
  • Manager Coaching: In the final sessions, the team leader applies the new team leadership competencies in one-on-ones, team meetings, and everyday work.


    • Do you do this work for leadership teams? 
      • Yes, the Epic Teams Experience is ideal for leadership, functional, and cross-functional teams in fast-moving environments.
    • How do you incorporate these skills and tools into our company culture for the long-term? 
      • We take a custom approach to building out your team performance system, integrating the real-world needs of your teams, the values of your organization, and a solid behavioral science foundation of what works. We also offer a "train the trainer" approach so that your company's team performance system can be implemented by internal managers and people leaders in the future.
    • How much does it cost? 
      • The Epic Teams Experience is substantially less than one-on-one coaching engagements for each team member. In terms of value creation, the Epic Teams Experience typically pays for itself. Most teams experience at least a 10x ROI from the program over the course of a year.
    • How do you measure effectiveness?
      • We use pre-, mid-, and post-assessments to measure the reactions, learnings, team competencies, and business outcomes of the program. 
    • How do you keep execs in the loop on team progress? 
      • We keep your execs in the loop with top-level summaries and evaluation results, as well as meet regularly for feedback and necessary refinements to ensure teams are meeting the needs of the larger organization. 

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