Develop Your People with Growth Coaching Skills

87% of today’s young professionals believe that growth and development is very important to them in a job. If you’re not growing your people, they’re not going to be with you for very long.  


What is Growth Coaching?

Growth coaching is about fostering long-term personal and career development in your people.

Growth coaching sessions are longer, deeper conversations (typically 30-60 minutes) that lead to substantive changes in performance behaviors and career development. 

“I always preached professional development, but it's hard to know what feels impactful. I now have a clear structure and a framework for having conversations with my team that they've been craving.” (Eval Results, Jan 2018) 

Quarterly Conversations: Empower your direct reports to own their performance, engagement, and growth. 


1:1 Meetings: Track growth, check for alignment, and ensure accountability to long-term goals in 1:1 meetings.

The 90-day Growth Coaching Program

The Epic Teams Growth Coaching Program is designed for today’s busy managers and executives.

The approach of the program rests on three key components - (1) practical, (2) memorable, and (3) based on the science of behavior change.  

The program includes: 

  • 1-Day Manager Training: 1day in-person training with your managers to learn and practice laser coaching and growth coaching techniques, as well as how to apply these techniques with your performance development software
  • Follow-Up Manager Circles: 4 manager circles over the course of 3 months to debrief learnings and continue coaching development
  • 1:1 Coaching: A dedicated coach who works with your managers in monthly 1:1 exec coaching sessions 
  • People Development Tools: A Personal Growth Plan and a Personal Growth Plan training deck (with facilitation notes) for manager use with direct reports
  • Peer Accountability: 90 days of follow-up practice and accountability with peers

The program is ideal for: 

  • Managers and executives of all levels (up to 16 managers/circle)