Did you Just Hire a new Wave of Managers?

Transform them into force-multipliers for your org. 


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60% of new managers underperform in the first two years.

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What if your managers could avoid the downward spiral?


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Build the Organization You Always Wanted with the Leadership Accelerator

The Leadership Accelerator is a customized, in-house development program that equips your managers with the critical few behaviors that matter most for your business.

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We Measure Success by:

  • Business goals achieved
  • Team engagement scores improved

  • Leadership behaviors adopted by managers

We include the use of  CoachMetrix, to track and report on these metrics.

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Why Work with Epic Teams?

Our approach is the only one in Silicon Valley that is:


+     STICKY

Your leaders learn with the most effective training modality for today’s busy managers - face-to-face peer group learning on real world issues.


Your managers not only become skilled team leaders - they also learn how to transfer those skills to others in your org.


Your managers adopt research-based habits that are grounded in behavioral science, positive psych, and team performance, as well as from Google’s Project Aristotle and Project Oxygen.


Your managers take an iterative, experimental approach to further develop the capacity of individuals and teams using actual performance and engagement data.


Your managers set extraordinary team goals to work toward as an outcome of our work and apply what they learn to further business results.


A Snapshot of Results from 2017 and 2018 Programs

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"Through goal setting exercises and self-evaluation, I have found a new level of confidence and an ability to trust my own experiences in making decisions."

- Leadership Accelerator Graduate

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"I’ve created more structure and therefore feel more confidence in my abilities to lead my team in a way that leaves them feeling like they’re growing every day."

- Leadership Accelerator Graduate

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"I truly value the tools I now have to set goals and hold my team accountable. I am able to give better feedback to my direct reports more often, and this is helping to raise the bar across my organization."

- Leadership Accelerator Graduate


Make the First Year Count

The first year of leadership is crucial.  The habits that first-year managers pick up now will be habits they will likely have in place as a leader in your company for years to come.

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