Our Vision

We are a new generation redefining leadership.


To compete in today's world, you need resilient and adaptive teams who can powerfully execute as a collective unit.

Yet even in fast growing tech companies, you'll find teams characterized by high turnover, disconnection, and distraction. 

Consider the following trends:

So what's the answer?

At the end of the day, people want the chance to work hard at work worth doing. They want growth, meaning, and accomplishment. 

And because nearly all work happens in teams, people need a way to cultivate growth, meaning, and accomplishment together.

The world needs leaders who can unleash the collective intelligence of teams

At Epic Teams, we've distilled the freshest insights from the science of teaming to help your people quickly and easily adopt the behaviors that matter most for your business. 

We believe that this new form of leadership, collaborative leadership, will be the defining force of the next century. 

To that end, our mission is to boost the impact of the world's most innovative companies through team leadership development.

We look forward to working alongside you on this incredible journey. 

Let's do this!

- Dr. Shannon Arvizu Hall

CEO and Founder, Epic Teams

Dr. Shannon Hall

Dr. Shannon Hall