You've hired the best and the brightest.

Now how do you keep them committed and growing over the long-term?


3 Habits of Epic Team Leaders

What if you could significantly boost your company's productivity and morale over lunch?

We've distilled the research on team effectiveness into three easy-to-remember tools that your people can use in team meetings and one-on-ones to boost their collective performance. 

As part of our mission to equip the next generation of team leaders with powerful skills, we offer this workshop free of charge

If you're in the San Francisco area, simply call us and we'll come to your office to deliver this training to groups of 10-150. If you live outside of SF, we can deliver this training to your team virtually.  

Valuable experience with great takeaways for both teams and individuals.
— G.C., L&D Program Manager, Electronic Arts


Team Development at Your Quarterly Offsite

Your offsite can be so much more than a goal-setting session followed by a round of indoor golf. 

What if you learned how to coach one another for continuous improvement instead?

What if, in just a few hours,  you could uncover the strengths and mental saboteurs of your team and help each other become your best possible selves at work? 

We facilitate team offsite experiences that have real and lasting impact on the engagement and performance of your teams.

Example Sessions include:

  • Coach Your Team Like a Pro
  • Strengths, Saboteurs, and Growth Edges
  • Work Life Integration that Actually Works
  • Communicate for High-Quality Thinking

After the initial offsite, we follow up the session with micro-learning moments to nudge your team to fully adopt new learnings and behaviors over the few weeks to come.

This was a fantastic way to firm up relationships around the office and share concerns and positive feedback with everybody. I would definitely recommend it for teams that are looking to build a healthy culture. 
— A.M., software engineer, AllTrails

Executive Coaching and 360 Reviews

The end goal of an effective 360 experience is not just about surfacing blind spots and weaknesses for leaders.

It is about fundamentally improving the people system of the leader so that information flows freely and powerfully for continuous improvements over time.

We facilitate transformative dialogue amongst colleagues to identify and support the conditions that help them do their best possible work together. 

After the 360 process, we coach leaders over the course of 3-6 months to help them make progress in areas that make the biggest difference to their professional development and to their teams.

We interviewed 5 professional coaches, all with great experience, in searching for someone to lead our 360 process for our executive team. Shannon was the one that ‘clicked’ the most - her thoughtful approach and dedication to helping people and teams achieve their full potential. The team loved working with Shannon for the 360s, and we’ve since engaged her to work on more leadership development programs - couldn’t give a higher recommendation for Epic Teams!
— Jennifer Kim, Employee Experience at Lever

People Ops Consulting


What if you could design the ultimate engagement and performance management experience that creates the conditions for everyone to do their best possible work together? That is the power of a well-designed system. 

So where do you start? 

As you know, the HR landscape is rapidly changing. The old playbook doesn't work anymore. And there are new tech solutions every week promising to solve all your people problems. It's an interesting time to be in this space - but it can also be very daunting. 

Epic Teams brings an imaginative and research-based approach to help you think through:

  • How to track engagement and performance in ways that reflect your org's values and needs

  • How to train team members and managers on boosting performance in 1:1 and team meetings

  • How to develop and evaluate your org's Career Pathing and L&D initiatives, as well as Performance Plans for individuals and teams

  • Which tools work best to document and evaluate engagement and performance over time

  • How to generate insights and authentic buy-in from your execs and managers to implement the system well

Read more about the Epic Teams approach to performance management.

As we hit the 50 person mark, Epic Teams helped us create and run our first training program at Zendrive. Epic teams also helped us craft our first engagement survey so we could measure the impact over time. 

In the few weeks since we’ve presented the survey data and delivered the first wave of trainings, we are already seeing a positive shift in how we approach people development in our company. We are excited to see our team members continue to use these skills to unlock greater value in each other.
— Mor Sidi, Head of Operations, Zendrive

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