As a people scientist who lives and works in the trenches of San Francisco's tech scene, Dr. Arvizu brings fresh insights and science-backed wisdom to transform your audience.  

Each offering is customizable for your audience and can be delivered as a keynote or workshop.


Why Personal Growth is Your #1 Retention Strategy for 2018

87% of today's young professionals say that growth and development is very important to them in a job, yet so few companies are successfully meeting that need. Instead, most of today's bright minds are constantly shifting roles to get the growth they want - spending on average a mere 1.6 years within a company.

In this talk, Dr. Arvizu shares some of the most engaging and creative ways that companies in Silicon Valley are meeting this challenge. Instead of taking a top-down approach, these approaches are developed and delivered by millennials, for millennials


  • The easiest and most effective personal growth technique that team members love
  • How to enroll millennials in owning their growth and development
  • How young professionals are shifting role expectations to align with a more purpose-driven approach to work
  • The "do's and don'ts" on attracting applicants with L&D opportunities

"Shannon is an incredible public speaker. Everyone in the room was riveted. It was a TED quality talk."

Maria Scileppi, Creative Resident, IDEO

***Dr. Hall recently spoke on this topic with 15Five Co-Founder, Shane Metcalf. Click here to watch.

Next Generation Teamwork for Epic Leaders

We are part of a new generation redefining leadership. From our perspective, leadership is not about titles or roles. It’s about actualizing self and others towards an extraordinary mission

In this talk, Dr. Hall talks about the importance of leaders to shape the mindset of their teams. To walk this path, Epic Leaders need to have a deep understanding of the mental patterns and behaviors that help or hinder our abilities to perform as individuals and as a team. 


  • A solid awareness of your team’s top 3 sabotaging patterns and the work circumstances that trigger them
  • Simple techniques to shift your team's mindset when stuck in tense business situations
  • How to leverage your team's purpose to positively guide the thoughts and actions of your people

"One of Shannon's most laudable assets is her ability to speak in plain terms about complex issues."

Jess Reece, Program Supervisor, Brookfield Zoo




How to Lead in the Age of AI

Our generation is leading the next wave of human evolution, developing some of the most advanced technology the world has ever seen to further our capacity. But what does it mean to consciously lead in this space?

In this interactive talk and peer discussion, we invite you to consider what a thoughtful evolution of the human-machine relationship looks like. We’ll discuss the concept of AI Leadership - actualizing self, team, and tech for the good of humanity - and the risks and rewards therein. You'll leave with new friends and fresh ideas that shift what you think is possible in the emerging “machine age.”


• An understanding of the most essential management skills needed in the Age of AI
• How to develop a productive relationship with "AI co-workers"
• The "good, bad, and the ugly" of AI applications in the people management space

"By combining broad knowledge in the field with captivating presentation skills, Dr. Hall gave one of the most memorable contributions to the conference."

- Benjamin Myklebust, Engineering Advisor, ZERO Organization in Norway