Nearly all work happens in teams.

Yet so few companies equip their teams for extraordinary outcomes.

The 4 Stages of Team Development

The 4 Stages of Team Development

High performing teams are not born. 

They are developed with intention and commitment. 

Our Team Accelerator Program helps teams adopt the most effective techniques for achieving goals and continuously learning as a unit, as well as how to: 

  • create a culture of healthy accountability,
  • foster positivity and productivity
  • diagnose and course-correct team problems
  • and foster personal growth that aligns with the needs of the team.

What do teams learn?

Our six-month experience is based on the following 3 principles.

#1: Establish and maintain commitments

Epic Teams establish clear commitments with each other to own their performance, engagement, and growth.

#2: Coach for results and continuous improvement

Epic Teams use highly effective coaching and team consultation practices for uncovering the most effective solutions to the team’s most entrenched problems.

#3 Cultivate engagement with the work

Epic Teams build trust, connection, and a healthy respect for each other’s strengths and skills. They also have a shared language for diagnosing “team saboteurs” and co-create norms of engagement for continued progress.



  • Who it is for?

    • Leadership teams

    • Functional teams (e.g. Engineering, Product and Design, Marketing, People Ops, Sales, Customer Success, Finance)

  • How does it work?
    • Pre-Launch:
      • Consultation with the Team Leader: An Epic Teams Developer meets with the leader to learn about the state of the team and determine goals and milestones to reach over the next six months.  
      • Baseline Data: Using the Team Temperature diagnostic with all team members, we learn about the current strengths and growth areas of the team. 
    • Launch: 
      • Monthly Team Sessions: 
        • An Epic Teams Developer meets with the team monthly to co-create and implement a Team Action Plan that improves team performance, engagement, and growth. 
        • Each team member also creates and implements on a Personal Action Plan for owning their individual performance, engagement, and growth.
      • Weekly Manager Coaching Sessions: 
        • An Epic Teams Developer meets with the manager regularly to coach on team leadership competencies for use in one-on-ones, team meetings, and everyday work.
    • Retrospective: 
      • Review Learnings: At the end of 6 months, the team reviews learnings and insights using the follow-up Team Temperature diagnostic.
      • Plan for the Future: The team develops a subsequent Team Action Plan for the next six months, with full team coaching responsibilities effectively transferred to the team leader.
  • How much does it cost? 

    • Per team monthly cost is less than an industry conference or a one-on-one executive coaching program. 

  • How do you measure effectiveness?

    • We measure the reactions, learnings, team competencies, and business outcomes of the program. 

  • How do you keep execs in the loop on team progress? 
    • We keep your execs in the loop with top-level summaries and evaluation results, as well as meet regularly with execs for feedback and necessary refinements to ensure teams are meeting the needs of the larger organization. 

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