Your people are on a mission to achieve extraordinary results.

Now help them create a strong foundation to produce like never before.  

Forming to Performing Team Training 

The training is perfect for:

  • new companies with less than 15 employees
  • functional teams (marketing, engineering, etc) 

We use the principles of behavioral science and high performance team development to create an experience that leads to sustained improvements in the way your people get things done.   

    How does it work?  

    This training begins with a kickoff session to create your team's customized Team Charter and a Team Scorecard. Each team member also creates a Personal Growth Plan for his/her professional development over the next quarter.

    After the kick-off, we provide one-on-one coaching and training to the team leader over the course of three months so that the leader is equipped to:

    • maintain the Team Charter with powerful team norms,
    • track and inspire performance towards a Team Epic Win,
    • coach team members in one-on-one sessions
    • lead effective and efficient team meetings,
    • diagnose team problems when they arise,
    • and design team interventions and facilitate tough group discussions when needed. 

    We also provide additional lunchtime trainings to the team during this time to further support the development of high performing relationships. 

    What outcomes can we expect? 

    • A V.1 engagement and performance management plan (particularly relevant for early-stage companies)
    • A leader with exceptional team coaching and management skills
    • A team with collaborative and efficient operational norms
    • A team that is learning and growing together
    • Increased traction towards team results

    What Clients Say: 

    "Dr. Shannon Hall’s coaching has been the biggest innovation in team development for me. During my tenure as Director of 72U at 72andSunny, I’ve led 12 multidisciplinary creative teams. Over this time, I’ve explored many different techniques to help teams grow creatively and professionally. The skills our team learned in the “Forming to Performing” experience have been a total game-changer. I am seeing huge improvements in the way we communicate and create together. I cannot recommend Shannon enough to anyone who leads and works within teams." 

    Maria Scileppi , Director of 72U

    Maria Scileppi, Director of 72U

    Team Performance Consulting

    This experience is perfect for:

    • People Ops teams
    • L&D teams
    • CEOs and COOs of early-stage companies

    What if you could design the ultimate performance management system that creates the conditions for everyone to do their best possible work together? That is the power of a well-designed system. We provide consulting for select early-stage companies looking to develop:

    • An employee engagement and team performance system that reflects your org's values and needs
    • Trainings for team members and managers on how to boost performance in 1:1 and team meetings
    • The development and evaluation of your org's Career Pathing and L&D initiatives, as well as Growth and Performance Plans for individuals and teams
    • A suite of lightweight tools for documentation and evaluation of performance over time.

    Read more about the Epic Teams approach to performance management. 

    What Clients Say: 

    Mor Side, Head of Operations,  Zendrive

    Mor Side, Head of Operations, Zendrive

    "As we hit the 50 person mark, Epic Teams helped us create and run our first training program at Zendrive. Epic teams also helped us craft our first engagement survey so we could measure the impact over time. 

    In the few weeks since we've presented the survey data and delivered the first wave of trainings, we are already seeing a positive shift in how we approach people development in our company. 

    We are excited to see our team members continue to use these skills to unlock greater value in each other."