Accelerate the time it takes to become a high performing team

What if you could create a truly high performing team culture within your organization in months, instead of years? 


The Leadership Accelerator

In a fast-growing tech environment, you don’t have time for managers to learn-as-they-go. Your company will succeed or fail based on the abilities of your managers to lead teams like pros.

The Leadership Accelerator is a customizable in-house development program that is specifically designed to increase the performance, engagement, and growth of your managers and teams.

“I'm proud that I've set my team up for success with challenging but achievable goals that impact the business. We are more connected as a team and as a company because of the work we've been doing together.”
(Eval Results, Dec 2017)

Diagnose Team Problems: Managers and teams identify the critical few behaviors that make the biggest difference to goal attainment.


Design Team Solutions: Managers and teams develop foundational teaming skills to iteratively improve their capacity for execution and learning

Leadership Accelerator for Managers and Teams

The Epic Teams Leadership Accelerator is built around three core principles - (1) own your growth, (2) develop your people, and (3) coach your team for results. 

Module One and Two: We first focus on equipping your managers with a deep awareness of their strengths and saboteurs as a leader. We also transfer Performance Coaching and Growth Coaching skills so that managers can powerfully develop each other and direct reports.  

Module Three: We then focus on equipping your managers with foundational team performance coaching skills. These skills include chartering, designing team development sprints, and iteratively improving the team's capacity for execution and learning. All of this is done within the context of real team work, while making progress on an extraordinary team goal.

The program includes: 

  • Customized Performance Development: A facilitated design session to map your company's current and desired performance behaviors and customize the approach for generating for real business value
  • 1:1 Coaching: Deep dive1:1 coaching sessions + 15 min laser coaching sessions for managers whenever needed
  • Manager Circles: Peer group manager sessions to learn and practice team performance skills 
  • Team Meetings: Team sessions for the manager to apply new skills within context of real work
  • Team Diagnostic: The use of the Team Diagnostic for running team improvement sprints
  • People Development Tools: Research-based performance tools and training decks that can be co-branded with your company aesthetic and values for sustainable integration with your culture.

The program is ideal for: 

  • Managers of all experience levels and their teams


Do you do this work for leadership teams? 

  • Yes, the Leadership Accelerator is ideal for executives and managers in fast-moving environments.

What stage startup is best for this?

  • We love working with organizations early in their development so that they create a solid performance culture that scales as they grow. Organizations in the Seed Stage to Series C benefit tremendously from the Leadership Accelerator.

How do you incorporate these skills and tools into our company culture for the long-term? 

  • We take a customized approach to building out your team performance system, integrating the real-world needs of your teams, the values of your organization, and a solid behavioral science foundation of what works. We also offer a "train the trainer" approach so that your company's team performance system can be implemented by internal managers and people leaders in the future.

How much does it cost? 

  • The Leadership Accelerator is substantially less than one-on-one coaching engagements for each manager. In terms of value creation, the Leadership Accelerator typically pays for itself. Most teams experience at least a 10x ROI from the program over the course of a year.

How do you measure effectiveness?

  • We use pre-, mid-, and post-assessments to measure the reactions, learnings, team competencies, and business outcomes of the program. 

How do you keep execs in the loop on team progress?

  • We keep your execs in the loop with top-level summaries and evaluation results, as well as meet regularly for feedback and necessary refinements to ensure teams are meeting the needs of the larger organization.