Hacking HR: The Future of Work and HR
5:30 PM17:30

Hacking HR: The Future of Work and HR


The inaugural Hacking HR Forum for Silicon Valley will take place this November. Epic Teams CEO Dr. Shannon Arvizu will be moderating a stellar panel of the folllowing thought leaders and industry superstars.

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Here is more info below from the organizers: 

"Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Data, Bots, Gamification. Technology has changed the way we live and connect with each other and now it is disrupting the way we work. Understanding how we successfully bring HR and tech together today to transform tomorrow's organizations is at the core of Hacking HR. 

We believe HR has the unique opportunity to leverage technology and innovation and be at the heart of the workplace of the future. The future is happening now. And the future of HR is nothing less than fantastic.

Hacking HR Forum Silicon Valley will be an evening of inspiring conversations and networking with like-minded professionals. We will explore topics including artificial intelligence, blockchain, gamification, dark data, virtual reality and innovation.

Discuss. Network. Get Inspired."



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Mini-conference: How to become an effective engineering leader
5:00 PM17:00

Mini-conference: How to become an effective engineering leader


Range is hosting a mini-conference to help engineering leaders learn from one another about how to organize, operate, and scale cross-functional teams.

What’s a mini-conference? It’s a 3 hour event focused on sharing tactical knowledge, so you get the benefit of a day long conference in just a few hours.

In this mini-conference, you’ll learn what the real best practices are for structuring cross-functional teams and how to implement them.

During the conference, you’ll hear from Kimber Lockhart, CTO of One Medical, about her experience structuring and scaling engineering teams.

You’ll see a discussion with a panel of leaders from Airbnb, Epic Teams, Range, and the author of Managing the Unmanageable about the challenges and difficulties that come with structuring teams. And you’ll have time to work directly on your team’s challenges in working sessions with other attendees. Plus, of course, snacks and networking.

The schedule for the night is:

5:00 pm Doors Open

5:15 pm Talk with Kimber Lockart, CTO of One Medical

5:45 pm Panel discussion with leaders from Airbnb, Epic Teams, Range, and the author of Managing the Unmanageable

6:30 pm Working sessions

7:15 pm Networking

All proceeds will be donated to Code 2040.

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4th Annual TIMMY Awards
6:00 PM18:00

4th Annual TIMMY Awards


I'm excited to announce that I will be a judge for Best Tech Manager in San Francisco for the 4th Annual TIMMY Awards. 

Here's a bit more info about the event below. Nominations are open now! 


The Timmy Awards (https://hubs.ly/H0d3jKJ0) by Tech in Motion is an awards ceremony recognizing some of the best places for tech professionals to work in San Francisco. While many tech awards are given to brilliant individuals and their technological advancements, the Timmy Awards aim to recognize those who employ those technologists, the companies and managers supporting and driving the innovation. And we want YOU to weigh in.

Nominate the San Francisco tech companies and managers you know deserve recognition, vote for the carefully chosen finalists, and spread the word. Save the date so you can attend the award ceremony and cheer on our winners!

Winning organizations and individuals will be crowned in the following categories at the Timmy Awards Ceremony this October. Click the link to submit your nomination(s) by August 31st!

Best Tech Startup (https://hubs.ly/H0d3jWt0)
Best Tech Manager (https://hubs.ly/H0d3jWt0)
Best Tech Work Culture (https://hubs.ly/H0d3jWt0)
Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (https://hubs.ly/H0d3jWt0)

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How to Think Like a People Scientist: A Data Bootcamp for HR and People Teams
10:00 AM10:00

How to Think Like a People Scientist: A Data Bootcamp for HR and People Teams


Do you work in a people function? If so, you are in the business of behavioral change.

Your organization is counting on you to monitor, assess, and shift behaviors that lead to better business outcomes. To do that well, you need data coupled with a culture of experimentation. Data can help explain, diagnose, and eventually predict outcomes while experimentation fosters creativity and rigor throughout people initiatives.

In this one-day bootcamp, you’ll learn how to find the data you need and design initiatives to move that data. You will also become a more strategic people leader to drive the results that matter. Come prepared for a hands-on, practical, and participatory class.


  • Apply the core principles of behavior change to your workplace
  • Learn how to calculate Employee Lifetime Value
  • Evaluate and improve your current Performance Development System
  • Practice looking at engagement and performance data to explain, diagnose, and predict business outcomes
  • Design data-driven people initiatives in core areas (Manager Development, L&D, and Performance Management) for use within your company the next day
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Strategic Manager Development for Fast Growing Companies
4:00 PM16:00

Strategic Manager Development for Fast Growing Companies

  • 981 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94103 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Are you looking to develop your first-time managers, but don't know where to start?

Do you need to increase performance and accountability of your teams, but are unsure how to go about it?

In this workshop for People Ops and L&D leaders, you’ll identify the critical few management behaviors that will make the biggest difference to your company’s bottom line in the year ahead.

You’ll learn the next generation leadership skills needed to hit team goals in a sea of constant change. Lastly, you’ll walk away with a prototype of a strategic management development plan to share with your colleagues the next day.


  • Hear from other people leaders about what’s working (and what’s not) when it comes to manager development

  • Identify key data and metrics related to performance, engagement, and growth of individuals and teams

  • Explore different program designs (MVP vs long-term, individual vs. group vs. team trainings, 1:1 coaching, etc)

  • Assess impact, calculate ROI, and build a business case for manager development with your executive team



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How to Transform Millennial Managers into Epic Team Leaders
3:50 PM15:50

How to Transform Millennial Managers into Epic Team Leaders


I am excited to announce that Epic Teams will be featured, along with some of Lever's managers, in a breakout session to talk about some exciting work we've done together. Deets below!

Is it possible to scale your org while also increasing the commitment of your teams? It is - with the help of your millennial managers. In this breakout session, you'll learn what Lever's first-time managers did to increase engagement on key indicators by an average of 20% across teams over five months, at a time when the company grew in size by 50%. You’ll walk away with a simple and powerful technique to begin similar shifts within your company today, as well as insights on how to cultivate a collaborative leadership culture that leads to long-term performance.


  • How to get managers to “own” team engagement scores (without scaring or burdening them)
  • Learn a powerful technique to help teams increase engagement in 15 minutes/month
  • Hear from actual managers who improved team performance with engagement data
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A Sexy Data Approach to People Ops
6:30 PM18:30

A Sexy Data Approach to People Ops


About This Event

What are the metrics that matter most for the performance, engagement, and growth of your people? What are the best ways for you to gather these metrics, make them sexy and compelling, and empower your people to take action to improve these metrics?

We’re bringing together some of the leading thinkers in this field to share cutting-edge tools and frameworks that work. You’ll walk away with concrete ways to skillfully use data to identify and shift the behaviors that matter most for your company’s success.

Featured Speakers:

  • Moderator: Dr. Shannon Arvizu Hall, Epic Teams
  • Annie Lin, Director of Employee Experience, Lever
  • Craig Forman, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp
  • David Gainsboro, People Data Analyst, Dropbox
  • Farah Kassem, Director of Talent Development, Reddit

This is a free event.

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Psychological Safety 101: Essential Skills for Team Leaders
9:00 AM09:00

Psychological Safety 101: Essential Skills for Team Leaders


Psychological safety is the #1 factor for team performance. 

Research from Harvard and from Google's own study of teams reveal an important key finding: when your team members feel safe enough to take risks, they are more likely to try new things and outperform the competition

So how do you create a psychologically safe team?

In this morning workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • the science behind psychological safety
  • the top signs that indicate when your team feels safe (and when it doesn't)
  • 3 easy ways to increase psychological safety on your team the very same day

Note: As this is a morning session, feel free to bring your breakfast or partake of Covo's excellent cafe onsite. (Tip: the lavendar lattes are ah-mazing!)

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