Transform your managers into epic team leaders.


Are you a fast-growing tech company with inexperienced managers and execs?


A New Generation of Managers 

2,000,000 young professionals are promoted into management each year. 

Lack of Leadership Skills 

Most are promoted without the skills to be a good manager. 

Underperforming Team Leaders

60% of them underperform during their first year. (Source: Workforce Institute)


You need skilled people developers.

The #1 desire from today’s young professionals is growth and development. If they don't get it from your managers, they will go elsewhere.


You need resilient business leaders.

Your business is scaling rapidly. If your leaders are not nimble enough to achieve ambitious goals in a sea of change, your business is over. 

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Why You'll Get Results

Your managers adopt powerful habits to grow your people and deliver extraordinary team outcomes.  


It’s been really cool to see our managers take action with their teams. Some went from from 50% to 100% in target engagement areas, which is just ridiculous over the course of 5 months.

— Mike Bailen, VP of People, Lever


Not Your Average Training

You get a customized performance development system that results in real business value. 

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